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Tow Truck Mailbox


Tow Truck Mailbox

SKU:  PS-005

We all rely heavily on our vehicles and when they leave us stranded it’s the Tow truck we call. With this mailbox out in front we’ll all be able to find you a little easier. Or at least we’ll remember where you are!



All mailboxes now feature a Dupont automotive grade painted finish.
                        (Gel-Coat coloring is dead.)

 The benefits of a painted finish are many but the two most significant are:

Long lasting color - If you've ever seen an old boat that appears to
have once been red but is now pinkish that is likely a good example of
a gel-coat finish. Compare that to the color stability of todays cars,
which look good for years,

Virtually any color - With gel-coat it was difficult to offer more
than a few basic colors because it had to be sprayed in the mold and
to change to the next color the entire line had to be cleaned out
which also resulted in wasted product.   Now with a painted finish it
is easy to have most any color or shade mixed with very little waste.

Note: Gel coats are still a necessary part of the fiberglass manufacturing 
process, they just won't be used for our final finish anymore.

Fiberglass Construction - Why Fiberglass?

Lightweight and strong, pound for pound, fiberglass can be stronger
than steel and sheet metals. Additionally, its highly resistant to
environmental extremes. (Ever seen plastic shatter in extreme cold or
sag from high heat?) Fiberglass means it is built to last.

Style, fiberglass lends itself to sleeker contours and designs. Most
other specialty mailboxes are "Boxy" looking because they are made of
wood or welded steel.

Great Gift Idea!

Want to give a memorable gift that will last for years? Many customers
have purchased a specialty mailbox as a novel gift idea. Just some of
those occasions are listed below:

Fathers Day
Corporate Gift

PRICE:  $395.00

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